Why use Ableton Utility for Volume setting

Ableton has a tool called Utility in the Audio Effects. The tool is very useful. Here I’ll talk about why it recommended to use it instead of setting the volume through the main channel Volume fader.

As a default the channel volume can be set through the mixer, but I find it good practice no to use that volume fader and instead to place a utility at the end of the Device View in the channel and set the volume through it.

The main channel volumes for the Final Mix/Mastering.

Sometimes I’ll even have 2 utility plugs at the end of the channel. One for Volume automation and one for the overall channel volume which might change over time in the mix but I would like to keep the automation the same.

It is also a nice practice to put a utility on the master and set it to +6 Db gain. By doing this you will notice when the master levels reach the red and know what to lower when you are in progress of creation. At the end of the mix you will take down the utility and you will be at -6 Db which is a good place for sending the track to be mastered. If you do not do this then you will have a harder time reducing overall levels at once because then you will really be at 0 Db instead of being at -6Db..