How to make your drop hit harder

1)Turn up the first kick after the drop approx 3-4 dB (I usually set the default midi velocity to 100 , not 127, and when the drop comes I make the first kick’s velocity 127 )

2)Automate the Master volume to decrease approx 2dB from the break start to finish and bring it back on the 1 of the drop.

3)Add a sweep (white noise), even if its a additional to ongoing tension builds. The sweep should be approx 1 bar leave some space before the drop (maybe 1/4 bar)

4)Add a short (1/4 bar) faded in reverse Sub into the first kick. The sample should be cut a bit before the drop. It will add more emphasis

Some Videos

Free Levels / Master VSTs

The Voxengo SPAN has a free version, Very useful for seeing mastering levels. It is recommended to be at -30db for the low-ends after mastering.

4 parts
1) Low Pass Filter 16KHz-80Hz
2)Compressor + Phat button (makes the compression more gentle), The amount does Compress + AutoGain
3)Distortion – Tube (Adds some sparkle on “top”) , Mech – Stronger Distortion
4)Master Volume

Bark of Dog – Low Frequency enhancer Plug-in